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Register, subscribe, share and WIN with CarsMaltaNet's referral program.

We've worked hard to build our site and we're now ready for you. Take advantage of our referral program and win great prizes. The more friends you bring to the site, the bigger the chance you can win.

How does it work?

Like any other referral program, we ask you to refer your closest friends and family to the site. You will earn points for every person that registers through your referral link. You will also earn points from your own registration, and from every listing, blog and event that you post. That is not all! You will earn points from the listings, blogs and events from your referrals too! Subscribe to our newsletter and you get an extra point! The same is valid for your referrals again, isn't that great?

Here is the current standing and a breakdown of the points system:

Current Standing

Position User Points
1 lumi 3
2 Dolce Vita 3
3 MarinG 3
4 Speedbird13 3
5 Bradyeos 3
6 znsz 3
7 mozart1972 3
8 John 2
9 stoyanmalta 2
10 jkl0411 2


Action Reward
Register 1pt
Subscribe to newsletter 1pt
Add Listing 1pt
Add Event 3pt
Add Blog 5pt
Refer a friend 1pt
Referrer subscribes to newsletter 1pt
Referrer Adds Listing 1pt
Referrer Adds Event 2pt
Referrer Adds Blog 3pt

The Prizes

You can exchange your points for the the following:

  1. For Private Individuals
    1. 10pt - 1 week Sponsored listing
    2. 30pt - 1 month Sponsored listing
  2. For Auto Dealers
    1. 50pt - 1 month Free Subscribtion to a custom page
    2. 100pt - 3 months Free Subscribtion to a custom page
    3. 200pt - 8 months Free Subscribtion to a custom page
    4. 250pt - 1 year Free Subscribtion to a custom page

Terms and Conditions Apply

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Posted by Stoyan Stoyanov

24 Apr 2020